Parents’ Night Out

Enjoy an evening out while your children participate in fun, organized activities. Dinner is included!
Spaces are limited. Pr-registration is required.

2nd Saturday of every month is FREE for members!
Non Members:$20/first child, $10/each additional child.


Monthly Themed-Based Parents’ Night out!
September- Farm & Apples
October- Pirates & Monsters
November- Scarecrows & Pumpkins

December- Gingerbread & Cookies

Members: $15/child, $5/each additional child
Non Members: $20/child, $10/each additional child

Contact Kellie Harding for dates & times for Monthly Themed Parents’ Night out



Parents' Night Out

Parents’ Night Out is great but several times I made plans and had my children signed up but it was cancelled at the last minute for various reasons like low participation. So I was out of the money I spent on tickets and such for my husband and I to go out.


We are very sorry to hear this is your experience. If you would like to directly reach out to Kellie Harding, our Child Care Director she would be happy to make this right! Her email:


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